Interview Questions part ni – Scott Hanselman’s Weblog – What Great .NET Developers Ought To Know (More .NET Interview Questions)

These kinds of lists promote lazy interviews. I had a lot of college professors that would quiz us on little “factoids” like these. Random bits of trivia with no continuity between them other than the general subject matter. It made it easy for them to grade us. Rather than having to think about our answers and how they apply to the question, they could just run down a checklist. I’m sure that isn’t what Scott is advocating here.

I’ve covered my thinking on interview questions like this before.

Michael Kaplan weighs in with some of his thoughts

  • So are you for or against me on this one? I thought this was a MUCH better list.

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    More against than for I think. I think this list is a good foundation for a set of interview questions and I get what you are driving towards. But I think the questions need more context. But my latest hire, an ex-softie who worked on VBA and Excel, probably couldn’t have answered many of those questions. He didn’t have any experience in ASP.NET and his only experience with C# and .NET was from having an office across the hall from the C# team and writing one short prototype class in C#. Now in two weeks he’s managed to re-write one of my dynamic composite controls from scratch and implement new functionality. He’s even helping out other members of the team with their web controls. I’d say he was a pretty good hire. 🙂

    I personally lean towards more logic based questions and example based questions. Things like “what’s wrong with this code?” or “What type is this variable?”. I also quiz them on low-level, language independant type of things. Like “How would you sort the following items in an array?” or “Sketch out an interface for a class with the following properties and with the following functionality.”. But I put more weight on the answers to questions like “What went right with the last project you worked on? What went wrong? What would you have done differently?”

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  • Question #1 – Why are you still programming using VBA in Excel.

    Question #2 – Man up, use interop yeah?

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