Automator *is* the secret killer app for Tiger

Ted Leung on the air : Automated Metadata on OS X
Ted Leung has had Tiger for a few days now and he’s discovering new things every day. (I’m still waiting for my copy from Amazon, patience is a virtue). A lot of the things he is noticing are things that Apple didn’t advertise. Like Safari annotating downloaded files with the URL it came from. But he’s saying something I’ve been thinking and saying since I first heard about the new features in Tiger.

Perhaps Automator is going to end up surprising a lot of people in a very positive way.

The ability to chain together Actions without knowing a lot of complicated script commands is a powerful tool for the everyday user. The ability to create Actions using Cocoa and Objective C is even more powerful. But for me, the real killer feature of the Automator is the ability for power users to create new Actions using Applescript. Most power users on the Mac are comfortable with Applescript, Adam Curry ‘wrote’ the first version of IPodder using various Applescripts he found on the web.

Spotlight is nice and it’s getting a lot of attention. But that kooky little robot is going to be everyones best friend in a few months.

I can’t WAIT to start asking him to do things for me.