Why are people still listening to Joel

This morning I wrote a post where I talked about Joel Spoelsky and wondered why we were listening to what he had to say. I didn’t like the way I tried to make my point in the post, so I pulled it.

Phil Haacked came up with a much better way of questioning what Joel is saying. Joel talks a lot about BDUF, but he doesn’t seem to really follow it much. I mean, if he had would he keep building products that already exist? Does the world need another bug tracker? What’s next on the FogCreek plate, Source Control Management? How about blogging software content management software. Whoops, too late. 😉

LOL, I just noticed that a book I have sitting on my shelf next to my desk, “User interface design for Programmers” was written by Joel. So I can’t hate him too much. Argh, the hypocrasy of my existance is too much for me, I must go write Goth poetry.