My ad revenue this month goes to Katrina relief

So a while back I put up some Google Adsense ads on this site. More of an experiment to see how they worked. I haven’t promoted them or told anyone to click on them. I haven’t made much on them (I don’t think the TOS lets me say how much I’m making off of them.)

For the month of september, any money I make off of the ads I’m going to donate to the hurricane relief, probably the American Red Cross, maybe the Salvation Army, maybe I’ll just send it to my in-laws in Houston and have them go buy some food and take it down to the Astrodome. I’m not looking to make a living from the site, I’m not going to take paid advertisements or product placements, and I’m already donating money and blood to the relief effort on my own. I don’t have any kind of official charity setup, so you just have to trust me.

Update: Randy Charles Morin pointed me towards the Red Cross banners, so I’ve replaced all of my Google ads but one with the Red Cross banners. When I click on the RC banners, I get a “service not available” error. The deal still stands, all of my Google ad revenue in September goes towards disaster relief.

Update: The Red Cross ads are working now. They take you directly to a donation page.

  • GREAT idea. I hope you don’t mind if I copy you…?

    At my current ad rate, it might take me a while, but when my next(first) check comes in, I’m going to donate it all to the Red Cross…

    Again, great idea. Thank you…

  • Or you could just switch to Red Cross banners and we would actually know you are not pocketing the money.

  • Ah-HA, even better Randy. That way I can put them up at both my sites! Thanks.

    Greg: That’s great. Feel free, spread the idea around.

  • I believe google changed their TOS a while ago to allow you to tell the total amount you’re making in a month; just not details like click thru rates etc.

    However, it’s always been against the TOS to ask people to click on the ads. That will get you banned in a heartbeat.

  • Scott

    hmmmmmmmm, good point Luke. Well if they ban me, they ban me. I’m only making enough each month to buy one pint of nice beer at a tavern and I haven’t received a check since 2004. So if this gets me a check, the whole thing goes towards Disaster Relief.

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