A Promise

A Promise to anyone who regularly reads my site, either by subscribing or by visiting.

Everything I say or point to here is genuine. I’ll never accept unsolicited links to a product, I won’t participate in any viral marketing scheme. If I point to something or state an opinion about a product, I am the sole originiator of the post. I’m pretty happy with the fact that I don’t get a lot of traffic, the big “A listers” don’t point to me. It frees me from any expectations. Heck, I’m not even sure that I’m factually correct a lot of the time when I post. If I’m wrong, and people read it, they’ll correct me. If I’m wrong and no one is reading me, no one but me suffers I guess. 🙂

Those people I’ve linked to over at the left, I don’t even know if most of them know I exist. I don’t link to people expecting a link back. The only thing I don’t control here are the ads. I don’t necessarily endorse anything that shows up there. The links to FireFox I placed there. I believe in FireFox. I’ve considered getting rid of them, but at some point I may release some free tools and having the ads to put there would be nice. The amount of income I get from the ads is so miniscule, like I can maybe buy a beer every 4 months or so… as long as it’s domestic…like Budweiser or a 40oz of Colt45, that I’m under no pressure to drive traffic to my site. I’ve never been paid to speak at a conference, not that I wouldn’t. I think it’s a fine way to make some money if you can get people to listen to you. But if I point to a conference, it’s because I think it’s worth going to. Not because my employer is a sponsor or because an evangelist sent me a link and asked me to post.

I’m not trying to set myself up as the moral authority of the web. I’ve talked before about how blogs and forums are being subjegated to marketing and how you shouldn’t trust the opinions stated in them unless you know who is stating them. Call this a “mission statement” for this weblog and then mock me for it. I started writing on the web back in 1998 just because I wanted to work on my writing skills. Maybe I’ve progressed, maybe I haven’t. Meeting new people, learning things, and building my writing skills are the reasons I write here and link to other people.