Officially Boot Windows on your Intel Mac


Do you think Microsoft will come out with MacBoot when Vista is released?

I did notice one little part that made me smile.

Macs use an ultra-modern industry standard technology called EFI
to handle booting. Sadly, Windows XP, and even the upcoming Vista, are
stuck in the 1980s with old-fashioned BIOS. But with Boot Camp, the Mac
can operate smoothly in both centuries.

How long can Microsoft coast on past success? A very, very long time I imagine. But at some point, people will look at Windows machines much like they look at the IBM mainframes and AS/400s now. “Damn, brudda. You still using that old stuff?”

Apple – Boot Camp

update: John Gruber has some great comments about bootcamp. Including this one.

And this points to the rather delicious conclusion that Apple is casting Windows, including Vista, as the new Classic.

What he’s referring to when he says “Classic” is the way that OS X referred to Mac OS 9 when it came out and allowed users to run “classic” Mac OS apps in a virtualization mode. If OS X 10.5 does come with Windows virtualization for free, I’d say that’s exactly what Apple is trying to do. Much in the same way Windows 95 provided DOS compatility via the DOS command shell, OS X will allow you to run your Windows programs inside of OS X if you really have to. Since they don’t own the license to Windows, they just require that the end user provide one.

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    and also: Duel-booting Vista and Macinteltoshes impossible

    nice new website layout too. nice and clean.


  • Scott


    Take a look at the bootcamp beta from Apple.
    It appears that Apple has found a way around the EFI vs. BIOS issues if they have released a dual-boot setup utility for the Intel Apple computers. Both of those articles are far older than bootcamp announcement and one was written before the unofficial XP-on-Mac patches were announced.