Thinking differently about Google Gears

A good nights sleep, and a nice hefeweizen last night, have caused me to start to think a little differently about Google Gears and persistent client side storage. From a comment on my earlier Gears post.

I’m actually starting to think differently about Google Gears. I still don’t see a need for taking a web application offline BUT… think about storing data on the client where it can be accessed by either desktop application or a web based application. Say if NNW could access the Google Reader offline store? Or if Zoho or Google Writer stored my documents locally and I had an Office plug in that could load my documents from that local store?

What about storing credit card information on my local hard drive instead of on a merchants server?

What do you think about that?

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  • I think you may have a common data store for your online and offline apps. It beats rolling your own active x control to accomplish synchronization. Not sure how much else, how would my offline site run unless its all client side JavaScript.

  • A common data store for all applications gives me too much of a WinFS déjà vu. Microsoft has tried to go down that road and failed.

  • Erwyn,

    Yeah. A database like file system has been a pipe dream for many, many years. But this would be a little different. Much smaller scale and scope. None of the pie-in-the-sky promises that WinFS was about.


    Yeah, synchronization is hard with only two machines. Let alone ‘n’ number of machines. It does require that you do all of your data access client side using XmlHttp requests. Using this with any current server-side technologies would be tough.