Should people adapt to computers?

There was a comment over at Jeff Atwoods latest post “Meet the inventor of the mouse wheel“:

“The solution to computer illiteracy is to learn, not to cut the capabilities of the system for everyone. That’s the triumph of ignorance.”

Is that really the point? Whatever the developer decides is what’s right? People should adapt to the computer, no matter how poorly designed, rather than adapting the computers to people?

To me, the point of pushing the boundaries with technology, is to make the technology easier to use. In face, that’s the underlying theme of my entire career. Using my knowledge and skill to make someone else’s job easier. Making my job easier.

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  • Ah, this argument again. The way I see it is this:

    There are two variables at work. One is functionality, the other one is usability. If you want raw functionality, you get a raw API or a tool-set – very powerful, but not very easy to use. If you want best usability you want a GUI with as few buttons as possible – which will be limited, but easy.

    You want to maximize both variables, but if you increase one, the other one automatically decreases. Thus you want to hit a good mix of usability and functionality.