Visual Studio shipping with jQuery

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Wow. This is an interesting development. Visual Studio is going to ship jQuery in a service pack and in future versions of Visual Studio. There will be intellisense support, PSS support, and Microsoft will be submitting patches back to the jQuery library.

This raises an interesting issue. Why does Microsoft need to support 2 different JavaScript libraries? They already have the MS Ajax client library, which does a great job of providing cross-browser support. There’s almost nothing that MS Ajax can do that jQuery can’t do either with a plugin or using only the core jQuery engine. Why specifically jQuery? Why not Prototype or ExtJS or YUI? Heck, they almost BOUGHT YUI.

One other interesting question: How will companies who are normally allergic to OSS code react to this if their developers start using jQuery when writing their applications?

In any case, this is a big step forward for Microsoft and OSS in general. Hopefully we’ll start to see Microsoft shipping more and more OSS software with their developer tools and maybe Windows someday.

  • Justin T

    JQuery is a very small file. It does nothing impressive and its BSD licensed. Probably easy for MS to hijack it for their own needs. ExtJS, YUI or Dojo would have been better.

    Not so sure good day for Open source cause its a one way street. They take, and have no obligation to give back.

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