New ASP.NET MVC sample – Oxite – Needs some TLC

Last week the MIX online team announced that they are releasing the ASP.NET MVC code that powers their MIX Online blog as open source at CodePlex. This is a great thing.

The code base, while touted as a “a real-world sample written using ASP.NET MVC.“, is not without some problems. The commentary on Twitter soon after it’s release was pretty negative.

This is why Oxite is not good.

browsing the Oxite source… wondering how many people will try to learn from this mess

@robconery because microsoft doesn’t deal with foibles with courage, i expect oxite will be allowed to degrade yet more customer potential

Oxite source is being slaughtered by the crowd; sad thing is, since its by MS others will use it as guidance on how to do MVC

@cwoodruff please, please, please do not use Oxite as a guide when doing MVC… PLEASE DO NOT

@lazycoder if u read the code, it’s actually a collection of anti-patterns of MVC… I hope people are not going to learn from it

Rob Conery has a great post where he outlines some of the issues with the Oxite code base and how they can be fixed. He has already offered some patches to the team.

That’s what I mean when I say this is a great thing. Since the team is doing all their work out in the open, we get to see how it evolves. I fear that a lot of the ASP.NET MVC code that we see written the first few years after it is released will look very similar to the Oxite code. Hopefully, the refactoring of the code base into something that embraces the strengths of MVC will be done in public as well so that first time MVC developers who find themselves writing the same code that the Oxite team has will have a lot of resources available.

I’d encourage everyone interested in the ASP.NET MVC product to watch the evolution of Oxite closely and contribute to the development.(1)

(1) That doesn’t include me for quite some time as we’re getting ready to have a baby soon. You don’t want to see code I’ve written on only 4 hours sleep over two days. 😉