Some methods for printing playing cards

Lately I’ve been obsessed with print and play board games and card games. These are games that come in PDF or jpeg firm that you can download and print off at home. Then you can cut them out and play them. There are quite a few solitaire games available as well as expansions to professional games.

Best thing I’ve found is to buy cheap poker cards or regular playing cards ( thrift stores usually have regular decks for cheap). Print the cards or regular paper and glue them to the playing cards. Or print them on label paper and stick them directly on the cards. Trim to fit.

Also had some luck printing the fronts on 24lb linen paper and the backs on 110lb cardstock. Then attaching them with spray adhesive. Once the glue has dried, give both sides an acrylic coat. Makes them slide a little bit easier.

Sometimes the backs don’t line up properly with the fronts. So I’ve tried cutting the backs out before gluing them to the fronts. If the backs are all the same, sometimes I’ll just use sleeves with a solid color back. Or if the back is a solid color or pattern, I’ll just make a full page tiled image of the pattern rather than trying to get the backs & fronts to line up.

Probably more than you wanted to know about my latest obsession. 😉