Must reads for new programmers

Iris Classon has a nice post up listing her top ten books to read this year.

The Little Schemer – It’s not about the Scheme language at all, it’s about teaching recursive thinking. Once you “get it”, it changes the way you think about programming.

Code by Charles Petzold – Explains how computers work by starting with Boolean arithmetic and working towards RAM and video cards. Short read, but essential in today’s throw-away culture.

Don’t Make Me Think – I’ve bought this book 3 times, every time someone borrows it they keep it. Essential if you are doing ANY kind of UI or UX work.

Test-Driven Development: By Example – Nice and practical. Resolves a lot of the questions that surround TDD like “How much should I test?” and “What should I test?”. Shows how TDD is less about the tests and more about the design of your code.

Writing Secure Code (2nd Edition) – You won’t work for me or with me if you don’t own this unless there is a threat involved.

Clean Code – Robert Martin – An excellent book for learning to recognize bad software.

Working Effectively with Legacy Code – Michael Feathers – Useful refactoring techniques combined with useful testing patterns. As a programmer, new or veteran, most of your time will be spent working on code you didn’t write.

  • Thanks for the link 🙂 And for the recommended books, must admit some of them are new to me but I’ll make sure to check them out! Out of those, which one would be your numero’ uno’?