• I think you mean APis instead of next version of JavaScript. And I see lots of sites using new HTML5 tags, features, CSS3 and more and more AJAX. But I can agree with your sentiment that not that many developers really leverage the functionality yet and that remains to be a broad problem.

  • Jason Follas

    To me, HTML5 just means that I’m going to test and ensure compatibility in Chrome, FireFox, and IE9 (10 preferred, though).  It’s more about which browser(s) to code for rather than which semantics and APIs are used.

  • Lucas Nemeth

    Absolutely true. And it is something that was annoying me in ages.

  • First its “HTML5” not “HTML 5” :).

    I might agree with you the semantic tags (footer, section etc) are not much more useful yet, but HTML5 is more than just JavaScript/Canvas…I would argue the HTML5 CSS3, HTML input types, WebSockets and WebGL are pretty good now to use with a proper polyfill for older browsers.