I often get asked about the domain name or people will respond to comments I make with, “Boy, you are lazy”. The origin of the domain name has to do with the nature of programming and programmers. All programmers are “lazy” in the sense that they try to create shortcuts that allow users to use computers much faster than normal. Most programs, code snippets, macros, and templates are a direct result of a programmer saying to him or her self, “There has got to be some way I can do this automatically.” Heck, if it weren’t for “lazy” programmers, we’d still be using punchcards or wiring up circuit boards by hand.

i’ve been programming professionally since about 1995. I remember the first contract I took was to write a membership database in Access 2.0. The main requirements were that it had to run on a monochrome laptop and use keyboard shortcuts and tab navigation because the laptop didn’t have a trackpad or eraser nub. The first memory I have of using a computer is when my father, a math teacher, brought home a huge terminal that looked like a typewriter. It didn’t have a screen, instead all of the output was to paper and we used an acoustic modem to connect up to the main computer at the school he worked at where we could run a matchstick guessing game similar to 20 questions. The first computer I ever owned was a TI-994a system. I hand typed many, many basic and machine language programs in from Byte magazines. The programs were saved to an old Radio Shack tape recorder. Eventually I got a Commodore 64 and by that time I was hooked. A C-128 followed after than. Then I got a 386 and started running a dial-up BBS from my home. At first I ran VBBS but eventually I switched to WWIV. The best thing about WWIV was that if you registered, you got the C source code and could modify the source to personalize your BBS. This was my first taste of “open source”. Up until then, all the software I used was either pre-compiled or was listed in a magazine. WWIV is still around, although development seems to have stalled back in 2006.

I first started keeping an online journal back in 1998. The oldest posts I can find that I wrote on Archive.org are from July 1999. My inspiration for starting an online journal was John Halcyons old site “Prehensile Tales”. You can kind of see the similarity in the left hand menu. Of course, his looks a lot better. Mine just looks like a greenish tornado. If you really want to, I’d recommend reading “10 years? It can’t be 10 years already!!!” parts one and two and “Hoochie shoes”.

At some point, it looks like I started using Livejournal. Then I switched to the B2 blogging engine. B2 would eventually become WordPress. I also wrote some posts at blogspot for a while.

I bought the lazycoder.com domain sometime in 2000 but I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to use it for. Looking back, I probably should have bought more domain names and held on to them. I ran Geeklog here for a while and posted articles rather than more personal, opinion based blog posts. Eventually bringing my own voice into my blog posts much like I had in my earlier journals.

I have a more personal short bio over on my other domain. Scottkoon.org
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