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Visual Studio Express editions free for 1 year

Wow. Microsoft FINALLY gets it. Even if just a little bit.

For 1 year, starting Nov 7th, you can download and use any of the Visual Studio Express Editions for free.

I often said the only reason I’m experimenting with Cocoa development is that XCode comes with OS X for free. If I had to pay $400 for XCode, I wouldn’t be using it. In fact, Xcode for free is part of the reason I finally took the plunge and bought an Apple machine. I get to tinker for free!

Now, Microsoft has the chance to prove that they really get it by providing all of the free express editions ON THE VISTA RELEASE DVD. C’mon Microsoft, plant the seeds for a whole new generation of developers for your platform.

A quick tip when dealing with resources

A quick tip, this may already be well known around the community, when dealing with .resx files and namspaces.

Make sure that the default namespace for your Visual Studio project is the same as the class you are trying to access resources embedded in your .resx files from. We kept running into problems if the two were not the same in one of our custom web controls. It appears that when .NET puts your resources into the manifest of your Assembly, it associates them with the default namespace of the project somehow. (I’m not entirely sure how this is all accomplished. I’ll see if either I or my co-worker can hunt down someone at MS who can give me a better explanation.).

The error you will get is long and generic, something about how the resource could not be retrieved for the given culture. I’ve just re-imaged my work machine, once I finish installing everything I’ll replicate the error and the solution, posting the code and error message here.

Design Patterns for Searching in C#

Design Patterns for Searching in C#

Just a quick link to get this up on my page. This is a great source. I don’t remembe where I first saw this link this morning. If I find out, I’ll be sure to give them credit for finding this.

My favorites so far: Simulated Annealing and Dynamic Programming. I worked with guys that did a lot of this kind of stuff and it’s great to see that it’s a little easier to do in C# using generics than it was in Java.

What gets me when I’m switching from VB.NET top C#?

Visual Basic .NET <--> C#

For me it’s all the simple stuff. I don’t know how many times I’ve typed in string _name; in a VB.NET class and gotten an error.

What really gets me though is all the damn TYPING I have to do when I’m just trying to inherit from a class or implement an interface and define out it’s methods. Thank god the IDE will fill in the interface methods for me. Even when it does, there’s no consistancy. I hit tab in C# but in VB.NET I have to hit enter. Then I have to go delete the linebreak that hitting enter puts in. That’s annoying.

All of the shadows, implements, inherits, notinheritable, blah, blah, blah, etc… crap really keeps me from enjoying programming in VB.NET. Too much typing.