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Herding Code #18 – F# with Matt Podwysocki

We posted episode 18 last week. It’s a great overview of F# and functional programming with Matt Podwysocki. Matt has a great love for F#. We wanted to do a show about F# that was a little more than just talking about F# itself and cover more about what functional programming is and why it’s important.

Some topics we cover in the podcast:

  • What is functional programming, and why should we care?
  • Types of applications that would and wouldn’t benefit from F#
  • How F# differs from C# 3.x and Javascript
  • How F# is being used (games, scripting, data analysis and scrubbing, etc.)
  • F# pattern matching
  • Using F# in your C# or VB based applications today
  • Getting started: F# Interactive, reading the F# source, books and resources
  • Interaction with DLR
  • Functional features we’d like to see in C# and VB
  • Spec# and Sing#

The post containing the podcast is turning into a great resource if you are interested in Functional Programming and F#. Matt provided us with a lot of links and we’ve been adding new links as we find them. If you know of any Functional Programming or F# links, feel free to leave them in the comments here or at the Herding Code post.