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Catching up with Herding Code

While we were at PDC, Jon, Keven, Laurent, and I kept trying to get together and chat about Silverlight 2. Jon finally caught up with Laurent and recorded their conversation. Laurents book, Silverlight 2 Unleashed, was released at PDC and quickly sold out of the Microsoft store at the conference. I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews for it since then.

Episode 26: Laurent Bugnion on WPF and Silverlight

In episode 27 we talk about what every web developer should know. We mainly talked about techniques and basic knowledge rather than specific toolkits or frameworks. In the end, it’s a great discussion that may give you some direction if you are just starting out in web development or if you’ve been at it for a few years and are wondering if there’s anything else you should know.

Episode 27: What Every Web Developer Needs To Know

If you’ve got that long drive to the Thanksgiving dinner ahead of you, load up on these two episodes.