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Herding Code 91: Listener-Powered Lightning Round

This week on Herding Code, K Scott, Jon, Kevin, and Scott K field your questions. That’s right – it’s a Listener-Powered Lightning Round! Whether you were interested in their opinions on Microsoft LightSwitch, energy drinks or how the current economic downturn affects quality and craftsmanship, this week’s conversation is being directed by you! Thanks, listeners, […]

Herding Code 84: Ex-Microsoft Developer Panel with Mike Moore, Jeff Cohen, and Scott Bellware

This week on Herding Code, the guys talk to Jeff Cohen, Mike Moore, and Scott Bellware about why and how they’ve moved away from Microsoft development and into the Ruby community. K Scott asks the guests about why they switched. Jeff talks about how his switch from desktop development on Windows to Rails development started […]

Herding Code 81: Simplicity, balance, and focus in teaching software development

This week on Herding Code, the guys discuss compare notes on how to teach software development topics. Is hands-on instruction key? How much should you simplify to focus on mechanics? How do you teach, and how do you like to learn? Jon talks about his impressions on the effectiveness of hands-on learning at Web Camp […]

Herding Code 72: Questioning Uncle Bob, Clojure Magic, Mercurial Support at Codeplex, Thoughts About the iPad and Handerpants

This week on Herding Code, the gang discusses Uncle Bob’s self-titled blatherings about DI, IoC and Mocking, Clojure and polyglot programming, managed javascript, and recent support for Mercurial at Codeplex. The show finishes up with another K Scott Lightning Round with questions about the iPad and non-technical blog recommendations. Uncle Bob recently published two articles […]

Herding Code 71: James Avery and Rob Conery on NoSQL and a bunch of other stuff

This week on Herding Code, James Avery and Rob Conery join the cast in a lively discussion about NoSQL, TekPub, the new DotNetKicks and the technical debate du jour, ASP.NET Web Forms vs ASP.NET MVC. Kevin asks Rob and James to share their views on NoSQL and the use of object and document databases.  James […]